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Jul 28 2012, 07:40 PM
I agree. Around mid 2009 Days shifted. I'm reading recaps from June 2009 (Philip and Stephanie in the morgue, Brady/Mel bonding over his dead mother, Kate/Daniel/Chloe/Lucas, Sami/Rafe, Nicole/EJ) and honestly, I'm much more invested in that than I am right now. I hope Tomsell return to whatever they were doing in mid 2009 to mid 2010 (after Alice's memorial month, it all went to hell again). The vets were sparse, of course, but used accordingly, IMO, and I think the right people mixed it up and shared scenes. And it was during that period that Maggie and Caroline both started becoming more prominent supporting players again (instead of cameo appearances). I even liked they had Roman (alebit probably briefly) share scenes with Stephanie over her marrying into the Kiriakis family (I loved Philip and Stephanie. Hell, Jay has had chemistry with everyone but Molly Burnett). I really hate Stephanie and Philip were dropped and we had to suffer through Melanie and Philip. Sigh. I really wonder what happened there? It seems like the plans were to pair Brady and Mel and keep going with Philip and Stephanie but then it all went to hell LOL. I never minded Brady/Mel.
On the Sami/Rafe and EJ/Nicole part, they've been on after 2010 continuously until now, and the ratings went straight in the crapper.

Interesting storylines for all the characters is where it's at.
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