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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Well it looks like Ewen is not who he seems to be but I am betting many of you knew that all ready. Now the question is who is Ewen working for? Is he a Cassadine and working for Helena? RC is retaining parts of Ewen's connection to Helena. Or is there another enemy he answers to? Look for a surprise return but just briefly of a certain character who has come and gone several times and has caused so much havoc that on this return is there to inform that toxins running a muck, this is soon to be huge mystery that is the major umbrella story that involves Robin and many many more. Keep you eye on the hospital there are many things we do not know about it yet, like how was Robin taken out of GH, and is there toxins in certain characters? Will this story tie back to mental patients, so I am hearing. If all goes as sources are saying this may tie into OLTL (no surprise there) when Irene Manning had a most successful experiment in memory alteration with Todd and Victor Manning. And as we have seen last week Robin looks to be going down that same path. Hopefully RC will be tying OLTL and GH villains together.......Still hearing September is the month to pay attention to, Florencia Lozano (Tea) will be back taping very soon as my information held Llanview sets would first air in the new time slot. I was told to expect a huge cliffhanger for the Friday before the new time slot change.......Scully is setting up business in Port Charles. He is now moving in, big time, on Sonny's territory, and his one supporter just might be Johnny.....Extra... Extra... fact or fiction...I hear FACT!!! Jason faces jail time after evidence emerges implicating him in the death of Franco. Because of his brain issues, he is sent to Ferncliff rather than Pentonville. Guess who he runs into there? And the beat goes on and on and on....

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