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Not really sure where to post this so I will post it here.

Gary has had every job in this business including actor. Really, I think we should discuss his writing history since that's what he is doing at Days right now.

Last week, I read Search for Tomorrow synopsis from the NBC years which Gary wrote a large marjority of. It actually seemed interesting. Reading that and knowing his history at Days, Sunset Beach and OLTL I was just curious what people really thought about him.

He certainly wrote alot of big umbrella stories.

On Search he wrote a story where lead heroine Jo was kidnapped and tortured for months. The story apparently "shocked" the nation and brought a rise in ratings.

He created the McCleary family. He wrote Sunny's rape and trial where the culprit was found not guilty. He's also responsible for the "Women to Watch" murders and for the "infamous" Henderson flood in 86.

While these weren't Shakespeare they certainly were interesting.

On Days he of course produced the "Baby Switch" and the "Sydnapping." He wrote Jessica Horton's DID, Sister Marie and Alex Marshall's love affair, Doug and Julie's second wedding and Marlena's rape by Kellam.

He of course did some bad. He is the reason Days is shooting so damn far ahead and of course for the casting changes in 09 and 12. Also, the botched returns of Vivian and Carly.

What's your thoughts on him? I think he did more good then bad.
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