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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

Although explained away well I really hate the fact that Johnny knows about the baby switch. So over it already. Todd needs to just man up, admit to what he did, deal with it and turn into the badass I know he can be. I just don't see him hiding the fact that Johnny killed Cole/Hope to cover up the fact that he had Sam's baby switched esp when he already feels guilty about.

I'm hating Johnny more and more with each passing day. I liked him initially but this whole flip flop skeazy character is just unappealing.

I didn't realize how much Jason annoys me until I had to suffer him yesterday. I think I can only tolerate him with Liz.

Will someone ship Kristina and Trey (along with Sonny and Joe Jr) away please. This vendetta story with Joe Jr wanting revenge and getting the kids involved is just going to be one clusterfuck of a story and a waste of airtime.
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