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While what Shawn did was incredibly stupid, I think this is the kind of thing this generation should have been doing. Someone, I think Julie, later mentions that Shawn grew up hearing about his dad kidnapping his mom from her wedding on his motorcycle, and this was kind of his way of trying to copy what he'd heard...and obviously he royally screws it up. That's how I've always thought this generation should be. They grew up hearing these OTT adventure stories and OTT love stories, and what I wish the writers would have done was have them constantly trying to emulate that, and constantly falling on their faces and struggling to really get what they want. That's kind of what they did with both Sami and Shawn, but they focused so little on why their perceptions of things are so skewed that it really has taken that layer out of the characters.

Meanwhile, I always struggled with Phelle. I hated that Philip, and it drove me crazy that they got married this soon. They went on one date. I've always felt that all of the insta love stories started around this time. Does that sound right to anyone else or have I just made it that time in my head?
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