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Aug 1 2012, 04:41 AM
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Why was John on drugs? What happen?
He had a bad back injury at Melaswen from a sword fight with Tandre...in the escape from Melaswen after the volcano (for the love of Pete...that story...) John and Marlena were one the couples that had to use a raft rather than a boat. When the waves got bad, Marlena strapped him to the raft because he couldn't swim, and she was the one swept away. So when he got back to Salem he couldn't even walk. The drugs were for the pain, and he got hooked on them.
Wasn't Tek also somehow involved with John's drug issue? Didn't Tek sneak into John's hospital room and drug him? I think I remember something like that happening back then.. It was eventually dropped though and then Tek was killed off..

I hated Phelle. I am probably one of the only people, but I never liked them. I am and will always be a Shelle fan. That said, I actually really warmed up to Kyle Brandt as Philip. I like JKJ, but I ended up really liking Brandt. I was sad to see him go.

I also never warmed up to Beemer and Martha as Shawn and Belle. Had nothing against them as actors. They were better than Cook and Storms, but I just hated how much they aged Shelle. HATE IT! Especially since Martha looks like she's older than Alison Sweeney, which was so wrong.

Oh it was Stan! I knew someone was involved in John's drug issue.
But wasn't there a moment where they implied that Tek was evil (doing something bad) which was later dropped?
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