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Jul 29 2012, 01:56 PM
I am finishing up a two week marathon of episodes. Loving this show. It was light on Sonny/Jason and I enjoyed it.

The first Todd I know from OLTL was TSJ and never saw RH until he returned towards to end of OLTL. I freakin' love Todd. He gets some of the best lines. The character/actor has mixed well with everyone on GH as though he has been there the whole time. Love the Carly/Todd relationship and hope they just keep it as friends. They tell each other exactly when they think the other is wrong and yet also are sort of partners in crime. It is just a fun relationship. Loved the cellphone tone "Crazy calling". How many of us wouldn't want that as a ringtone for people on our phones.
i not sure it you know it

RH was suppose to be frat boy number 6 for one or 2 epiosdes only for short-lived role but people were impress they gave him name and later made bad guy which should have only for few months and so on later more to complex character not fully bad guy
its RH fault that that character of exit todd manning probaly if someone else got the rule he would be frat boy number 6

and RH was in role for few years until he left and that tsj was recast and made the role as his own until storyline with marty that made some people to demand that bring back RH as todd because RH was knowen to against to any kind even little bit of romance of todd and marty RH Even quit because of it in the past and came back when they put in his contract not to do that it
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