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Jul 28 2012, 04:57 PM
Jul 27 2012, 05:55 PM
Jul 27 2012, 02:35 PM
Brady really deserves a new romance in the form of a new actress playing a legacy character -- my suggestion is Sarah Horton!!
Really? I think it's time to give up on this version of Brady. He just doesn't seem to work, imho.

Thinking about it, I'm all for Daniel/Jennifer this time around as long as they acknowledge two things. One, she's kind of an asshole. And two, he's insanely pathetic. Chasing after a woman pregnant with another man's baby, then going back to Jennifer after being her 2nd choice. That's just...sad.

If they embrace that about the coupling, that it's two losers looking around town at available options and saying to each other "I really don't want to die alone," then it could be kind of awesome, imho.
As much as I'm licking my wounds over the whole not giving Jack and Jennifer the story I think they should have had and the whole tossing Jack for the inanity of Dannibore, I could appreciate this idea,
What does it say about Dr. Wipeout that his rival has to die before he feels secure enough to pursue the "grieving" not-quite-widow again? We already know what Dannifer 2.0 says about Jen-Jen: that she's shallow, fickle, needy, and can't go for five minutes without some man--any man--holding her hand and cooing sweet nothings in her ear. She can't even take the time to mourn her life partner and the father of her children properly because she's too busy looking around for something with a penis to fill the void. I'm so over third-run Jennifer: there's nothing to like, admire, or even respect about her.

I don't think reteaming Daniel and Jen-Jen is doing them any favors: they both look pathetic. Him for insinuating himself into the life of a newly bereaved woman, her for latching on the nearest warm male body she can find.
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