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Hamner was originally hired by LML so that he could write the "Carmen Mesta" murder"mystery" because he did a fair job on a mystery over at Port Charles when they were both over there. That was the storyline he was hired to write and we all remember the suckage back then. For some reason, he was kept on and made the unofficial "spokesperson" for the writers when dealing with the press! I'm glad to see him go. I loved Sheffer's early time at ATWT but he had a LOT of talented backup. Y&R seemed to go steadily downhill when he and my favorite scapegoat Paul Rauch were hired. Then MAB proved she could suck with the best of them. I have VERY mixed feelings about this whole EP/Writer change. I'm happy about the writing part but JFP has proved to be a nut in the past, dressing up as a security guard at one soap function so that she could listen in and then starting a couple of cancellation balls rolling at other beloved soaps. I don't have any more faith in her abilities than I do those of LML or MAB UNLESS she is kept FAR away from the storylines. She will naturally have to make some tough decisions but I just picture her going over the top in "Off with her head" mode. In the EP role, it's akin to having to choose which boat you prefer. The Titanic or The Andrea Doria. They both sank!
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