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Aug 2 2012, 01:22 PM
Oh, and I wanted to reiterate what Mason said about the vanity license plates! I've been deliberately looking for them all season and I first managed to spot on last week on Christopher's car. It's amazing how giddy the sight of a "Ewing 6" makes me.

While I've enjoyed the series all season, one of my main problems is that for nearly the whole season everything seems to have been on a "slow simmer". I know that long-time fans have loved it, but I've been worried that newcomers wouldn't be as involved because, well, it's been kind of dull in parts (to be honest). THIS week, however, they've turned it up to a "rolling boil". I hope EVERY week next season is a rolling boil because THAT will make this show definite "Must See" material & help lure in an entirely new audience.
I think they've done a great job. 9 episodes in and we've had murder, jail time, a wedding, blackmail of all kinds, bribery, a pregnancy...now a whodunnit?!

I don't think it's been too slow at all, but last night was definitely the "Did you SEE that?!!" episode of the season so far. I'm so excited for the season finale. I'm now certain that it will be a classic Dallas cliffhanger that will leave me tearing my hair out til new season starts. Unfortunately, unlike when I re-watched the originals on DVD, I won't have another disc to pop in and will actually have to wait lol And since there are so few shows that I regularly watch that haven't started sucking already, it's gonna be a looooooong wait!
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