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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

Jul 30 2012, 06:30 PM
I loved episode 3 better. Im just loving this show.
I'm in FUCKING LOVE :wub: and the fact it's a limited series something I rarely get into these days really surprised me.

Bud is the epitome of southern charm and cheat :biggrin: he holds that mouth his perfectly like a Skoal chewing tobacco bastard if I ever seen.

Elaine Barrish was the character I had difficulty with at first because I thought Sigourney Weaver doesn't do a great balancing act of Soft & Hard are should I say she does either/or because the actress is very tough exterior type but unexpectedly she's pulled it off quite well, I like the way she loves her sons Douglas and T.J equally yet a wee bit separately.

Mother Margaret knows everything with her boozing self :laugh: I'm certain she was about to spill on Doug's wife Anne being bulimic.

For those who watched once give it another shot I too thought "O HELL" here we go another predicable political show however I'm so glad it was the opposite.

The Critics are giving Political Animals some thumbs up.

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