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Ok I'll go first. :) That moment when Susan's teeth fly into Vivian's martini glass is just the PERFECT climax to YEARS of story - at least 2 years, or 4 if you want to go from J&M's affair. You can just see the story escalating and things slowly cranking tighter and closing in around Kristen, then that one moment was the defining climax of the story. After that it was cruising fast down the hill with the scenes in the house where John realized what she was doing.

Another amazing part of these scenes was the comic element. I mean, it fit perfectly in the story - Susan was obsessed with Elvis, and she'd taken over for Kristen. But just looking at them wearing those clothes and then hearing Marlena crack up like that... just gold.

Deidre once said in an interview that she knew how important these scenes were, that she knew people would tape them and watch them over and over. Seeing as that it's 15 years later, looks like she was right!
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