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The Room Stops
Aug 3 2012, 02:22 PM
That said... just all of this makes John look stupid as hell. Then again, he didn't really know Kristen and she didn't really know him (obviously), which is what I take from it. But it does make him look stupid considering Kristen had shown no signs of being an Elvis-stan before.
Here are my thoughts on that. JER changed characters, BUT he did so consistently. If his view of Sami Brady was not the same as the view of previous writers, then his view won. Same for Kate, and same for John Black. But, given that, John Black was written as a solid, consistent character with consistent motivations throughout JER's stories. I agree with you, I didn't like that John was so naive. I would have preferred the angst-ridden, troubled, warm-hearted man we met in 1986. But I MUCH prefer JER's style to anyone after him who wrote plot-driven garbage and changed the characters on a whim to match the story.

Same with Marlena - in JER's eyes she was a beautiful, ethereal, princess in distress type. Viewers may have missed the Marlena of the 80's who had more initiative and spark (though IMO Deidre played both versions incredibly well.) But given that that's how JER saw her, he wrote the stories beautifully around that theme.
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