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Bitches be crazy! Haters are gonna hate!

:sheep: I expected higher rating for Y&R :sarcasm: Who the fuck am I kidding? This is MAB writing this shit!

GH rating are down :shame: I enjoyed One Life, but the ratings & Carlivati's writing is bringing this show down & it's indicative of that lately. I *wished* :pray: he would write a GH show but he's shoving characters from a dead soap down our throats. If he wanted to introduce them, it should've been done more slowly & gradually, not full steam ahead bc these One Life actors are taking screentime away from the vets & actual GH actors. Don't get me wrong, I love GH, but IMO, Ron needs to change his writing philosophy by focusing on his current cast of GH & write stories for them & NOT on his pet projects from One Life & that means less screen time. Will he change, I fucking doubt it. If this show gets cancelled, we'll know who to blame for it.
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