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I keep saying I'm going to stop watching this show after "this season," but, I still keep watching...LOL.

I like the "Romeo and Jules" idea as well. I wish they had gotten someone else to play Romeo other than Dave, though. I could have done without the "But I don't know how to play gay!!!" arc of the story :eyeroll:

Thank god Alli wasn't pregnant. Gawd! I am not a fan of her & Dave as a couple. I'm still mad they broke up Drew and Alli....they were my FAVORITE COUPLE EVER on this show!

DaveB_01, the more Drew the better as far as I'm concerned! :D

I have no words for Becky. I always laugh when the show tackles religion type stories. LOL at Jenna wanting to become a Christian and getting baptized all for Becky's brother, who still didn't want her after the fact. LMAO.

Maya and Campbell are BEYOND CUTE. I am loving their story so far. For a while there, I thought they were going to have Campbell come to the realization that he was gay..

The Claire story is so cliche. Of course Asher made everyone think Claire was obsessed with him so no one would believe he raped her. The actor playing Asher is really good. I feel bad for Claire but she's still one of my least favorite characters on the show EVER...
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