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GENERAL HOSPITAL: If you haven't heard by now Ingo Rademacher tweeted his return to Port Charles and he thanks Frank Valentini for bringing him back home. It is being reported that Jerry is attempting to get rid of all of his enemies, which is just about everyone in Port Charles. It would be a good idea if no one in town drank the water. Jax will also put Jason in the position of having to save Liz's life, as he puts his own life in danger. This begins the mystery of a man made toxin and who will be the victims of this war against the folks of Port Charles. Look for Alexis Davis to be one of the victims along with Jossylyn Jax. What does Jerry have to do with Joe Scully as well as Todd Manning and will they be friend or foe?.....John tells Alexis about his sister, and not wanting to repeat his father's mistake. Alexis then admits to John that she had an affair with a married man in her youth as they discuss Sam and John relationship. Could we finally be learning who Sam's father really is?....Scully, will soon be out in the open and will be settting up business in Port Charles he will be moving full scale on Sonny's territory. Johnny Zaccarra may be involved with Joe and perhaps his ally......Some storyline changes are being made now that Kristen Storms returns as Maxie. The question is, will Spinelli and Maxie get back together? Wouldn't surprise me one bit. But first she would have to divorce Matt.......The baby alive story will start to come together when Todd gets out of control. It is being speculated that Todd confesses about the baby switch, first to Starr who insists he tell Sam and Tea which Todd agrees but makes Starr promise not tell Michael because he doesn't want Carly to know. Michael and Starr are facing Starr's betrayal by Johnny and her father, while Trey deals with Kristina and Kate......Kassie DePaiva is returning for a longer stint this fall and The Tale of Two Todds will take a twist when we find out that Todd did not kill his brother Victor. (But we knew that already) “We have all these great surprises to play out,” Valentini teased.......What if Olivia's LSD trip turns her into the mother-in-law from hell?....What if Heather knows Victor is being kept at Ferncliff and blackmails Ewen into letting her go?

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