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The last thing that was semi-successfully promoted was the fall reboot. I think it's a question of 'synergy'. If Corday productions, NBC and Sony all want to promote something, it will be promoted. But here, it seems to me that NBC only has an interest in promoting it in a halfhearted way, like, they feel bad they took away Days' timeslot for 2 weeks, but at the same time, they really don't care that much. So they're making these surface gestures like giving them the web videos and chats, but they're not giving them any airtime at all.
Which is worrisome.
Yep, definitely. Though in 2004, Soapnet was the one who had that whole 'Return to Salem' special, not NBC. Does anyone remember what, if anything, NBC did?
I'm pretty sure NBC didn't do anything. They just gave that long preview for what would happen after the 2 week pre-emption at the end of that Friday's episode. Nothing else.
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