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engrady pind

I stopped watching OLTL years and years ago when my work schedule interferred and I had to select one soap to keep up with. I chose General Hospital. Consequently, I am not familiar with the OLTL characters who have immigrated to Port Charles. I am not finding them intrusive. I think the powers that be have done a marvelous job integrating John and the Mannings into the things going on with the show. That being said, I am not impressed with Starr Manning who appears to be just another spoiled rich girl who thinks she knows more about life than she actually does. She is, however, a welcome contrast to Kristina who is full of herself and has a dangerously low self-image. It is safe to be said that I just don't care for the teen set. None of them feel like real teens. I am having difficulty getting a good handle on Todd Manning. He is childish and self-involved. I am surprised he has managed to keep his company. A good con man ought to be able to fleece Todd but good. Todd is totally different from the other GH characters. He is not a bad guy yet he has done bad things and knows he will continue to do bad things. I really think he shouldn't be allowed out on his own. He is a menace to himself and anyone in his line of thought. I can see Carly's fascination with him, but I am surprised she has taken on the role of mother-in-residence to Todd. I understand Todd's twin is supposed to make a visit to Port Charles too so that interrupted story can be finished. I have enjoyed Blair's visits to Port Charles and would like to see her more often as she can really be a fly in the ointment for some of the other characters.
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