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Ok, maybe I'm in the minority here but I was not in any way shape form disappointed by the finale. I LOVE that The Duffy is ok. Even though most of us predicted from the get-go that Rebecca would be Pam Rebecca...IT DIDN'T MATTER! Because the way it played out was flawless! I was actually giddy with excitement whenI saw Cliff and that is totally how I want to feel watching a finale. I think last week's was a little more exciting, but this week gave the closure exactly as I wanted it. And JR & JOhn Ross together :wub: :cheer: :cheers: YES!!! That is how it SHOULD be!!!!!!!

I'm sorry it took until the last 2 epis for Anne to be at all interesting, but I am so glad she did become interesting!! I LOVED her scenes with Harris. LOVED it. And I actually did not see the wire coming. At all. Well done! Glad S'Wellen is ok for now. Her being governor will likely mean more involvement in story next season so I'm for it. JR always had politicians in his pocket...well now John Ross is going to have his Momma for governor. SWEET!

Elena, Elena...She is still dull as dishwater and her only purpose is to be the Ewing boy whore, apparently. Back & forth...Ugh. You know what, though? I can't stand Metcalfe, so Elena, girl, you stay with Christopher. You two can make poopy faces at John Ross and be boring as fuck Dudley-Do-rights together. lol I'm just sorry the Duffy is forced to be on your side.

SO GLAD The Duffy is ok, but I think it was pretty insane that they wrapped up his seizures and his cancer so neatly. But I'm glad. I'll always love Bobby Ewing.

As for those clamoring for Pam...I honestly still don't think she is needed at this point. But I wouldn't be opposed. If for no other reason than to give The Duffy some more stuff to do. I am also warming up to the idea of Afton stepping in and trying to reign her daughter in a bit. She was a character I disliked for a long time, but she eventually became Cliff's voice of reason and I warmed up to her a bit after that. lol It would be nice if she came back with some spunk.

I also love that they have already put Ewing Energies together, got the building and everything so even though there's a world of shit between the cousins Ewing they are forced to see this thing through. I thought it was a great way to set up what's to come.
I'm very excited for January. I believe they are supposed to start filming in the next month for the new season. I hope they had enough time to really put together some cohesive storylines so they don't have to rush through them all. Some of this season was very rushed, but I think a lot of that is due to it being a short season. We shall see :-)
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