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Ok there may not be an outright charge for the time but those costs are built into budgets and such for NBC and for the shows that are promoted. Example being NBC has so many spots available for Tier5 shows assuming Days is a tier 5 show during various timeslots and allocates those timeslots accordingly. And if Days uses one of those timeslots then in effect it debits its count. I dont believe any network just hands over a zillion promotion slots for a show without some return. Its possible the Olympics, due to the high advertising rate it now demands, may have had no slots for a tier 5 show. I'm still gonna bet that a Days promo is run possibly during the day either today or tomorrow. Evenings are obviously prime tier 1 slots. But heck they could even run the promo on MSNBC or Bravo, both are airing Olympic coverage during the day and on weekends along with NBC.

I honestlt really dont think it matters much anyway. NBC promoted shows like The Event, Parenthood that it expected to do well and neither show lived up to any of the promotion given. They need something new and fresh to take hold and catch on much like The Cosby Show did for them in the early 80's.
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