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NE Spoilers for the week of August 20

 Things escalate further than ever between Sonny and Will
Chad overhears Andrew’s confession
Sami attempts to escape from Rafe – will she succeed?
Nicole recommits to winning Daniel’s heart.
Bo and Hope are extremely surprised by  what they find at Ian’s hideaway
Salemites show their respect.

Please credit Rogue-EJami.com http://rogue-ejami.com/2012/08/09/ne-spoilers-for-the-week-of-august-20/
Monday ("Andrew's Threat")
Chad overhears Gabi and Andrew's conversation; Sonny and Will share a kiss.

Tuesday ("Will's Feelings")
Will tells Sonny that he doesn't have romantic interest in him; Marlena helps Will realize his true feelings.

Wednesday ("Harsh Words")
Lucas's words rip Will apart; Chad advises Gabi to move out immediately; Will and Gabi look to one another for support.

Thursday ("Recent Actions")
Will and Gabi regret their actions; T attacks Sonny; Nicole is committed to a relationship with Daniel.

Friday ("Devastating News")
Julie unintentionally gives Melanie some hurtful news; Maggie and Victor go to comfort Brady.

**UPDATED 8/14**

Week of August 20:
EJ wakes up to find he's a prisoner.
Nicole is ready to declare her love when she's interrupted.
Melanie and Gabi are shocked to find Andrew is alive at the hospital.
Chad confronts Gabi, who finally confesses!
Chad decides to hide Gabi's dirty secret from Melanie.
"T" is back in town and blows up at Will for coming out.
Sonny finds Will after T's tongue lashing and comforts him.
Sonny leans in to kiss Will...

Tuesday August 21:
Will denies being into Sonny.
After speaking with Marlena, Will realizes he does have feelings for Sonny.
Sonny is found by Will in what looks like an intimate moment.

Wednesday August 22:
Will's hurt after seeing Sonny with Brian and again encounters T.
T gives Sonny a hard time for "turning" Will gay.
The memorial service for Jack is held today.
Gabi is devastated to be kicked out of Chad's apartment.
Gabi in Will are hitting rock bottom when they find each other and lose themselves in one another with a kiss...
Sonny is beaten by T.
Chad and Melanie find comfort in one another.

Thursday August 23:
Gabi and Will make love and after both feel it's awkward.
Will lashes out at Lucas.
Sami and EJ have been caught.
Justin finds Sonny, who refuses to ID his attacker.
Nicole wants more to be with Daniel than ever.

Friday August 24:
Maggie's anxious to tell Melanie that Nick Fallon is up for parole.
Julie is also anxious about Nick's parole hearing but she doesn't want Melanie to sink Nick's chances.
The news about Madison has Maggie and Victor tending to Brady.
Melanie is shocked at the end of the day to hear Nick might return to Salem!


Love among the ruins.

Andrew is wheeled into the hospital. Mel freaks and runs. He keeps Gabi by his side and tears into her for betraying him. Conveniently, Chad just happens to eavesdrop on the whole thing. He confronts her and she confesses as she breaks into tears. He decides to keep this quiet for Mel’s sake but advises her to stay far away from him and his girlfriend. When she later runs into them at Jack’s memorial, Chad gives her the cold shoulder and then kicks her out of his apartment.

T. is back in town. Apparently he wasn’t away taking tolerance lessons because he’s outraged that Will has come out of the closet. After he lashes out at Will for being a phony, Will mopes away to Sonny. The two men embrace and Sonny is overcome with desire. He’s about to kiss Will, but Horton pulls away and insists that he doesn’t think of him that way. Sonny accuses him of acting like a closet case again so Will runs off to mope to Marlena. As he unloads, he realizes he actually does have more than friendly feelings for Sonny. Running out to find him, he discovers him with another man. Frustrated, Will takes off and has a run-in with T. before bumping into his father. Lucas makes things much worse by telling his son what a disappointment he is. Will mopes some more. This time he runs into Gabi and helps her move back into her old room over the pub. As William proves that he really is Sami’s son by having spontaneous grief sex with his ex, T. is busy beating Sonny to a pulp outside. Justin finds his bloody son, who refuses to go to the police. Meanwhile, Will realizes what he just did and is horrified. He runs away and straight into his father. They have another fight.

Nicole is desperate to tell Daniel that she has fallen for him, but Maggie runs in and interrupts to panic about Mel. Later, Nicole tries to get back on track and starts dropping hints to the doctor about how great they are together. Meanwhile, Maggie goes looking for Mel, dreading the fact that she has to break the news that Nick Fallon is up for parole. Before she can tell her granddaughter, she is called to help Victor deal with a grieving Brady. Unfortunately, Julie winds up being the one to tell Melanie what’s going on and she doesn’t do much to cushion the blow to the traumatized young lady. Oh, and Elvis is taken prisoner.


**UPDATED 8/17**

Monday, August 20th
E.J. awakes to discover he's a prisoner; Maggie interrupts a moment between Nicole and Daniel; Chad overhears Andrew threatening Gabi; Will and T face off.

Tuesday, August 21st
After a confrontation with Sonny, Marlena helps Will realize he has feelings for him.

Wednesday, August 22nd
Seeing Sonny in another man's arms upsets Will; Chad kicks Gabi out of his apartment; Chad and Melanie comfort each other.

Thursday, August 23rd
Will and Gabi realize they have made a mistake; a beaten Sonny asks his father not to call the police; Nicole intends to be with Daniel.

Friday, August 24th
Maggie wants to talk to Melanie about her former stalker's parole.
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