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Aug 9 2012, 01:14 PM
If Jack is really dead, I want to see MA play a dead guy.... while his family pays their last respects.
Anything other than that, it is a waste of my time. I am curious to see if TPTB fully commit to showing a dead Jack or will they leave to door open to possibility of him "missing". That is all I am really interested at this point, until the new SL start rolling.....with ED in October.
I don't see this happening...not that it would mean Jack is really dead because nothing ever will...but another round of explosions causes the cable to snap. I believe I read that spoiler somewhere. So Jack is probably going to fall into the abyss and they will either not find the body or they will find a charred body where the elevator fell or where it used to be and assume its Jack. I wouldn't be surprised if the real Jack is eventually revealed to have been so freaked by his PTSD that he wandered off in a daze.

I always go back to the quote from Matt Ashford when asked if Jack was still alive, he said "He is to me." I don't know think that meant like Jack's legacy lives on or something like that. I believe he meant Jack's exit wasn't an obvious death. I would actually give props to Tomlin or whoever if they bring Matt Ashford back and have him somewhere lost and confused not knowing who is he, ala Mickey Horton (Marty Hansen) back in the day.
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