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Aug 8 2012, 11:04 PM
Aug 8 2012, 02:33 PM
My hubs used to work for ABC and he says that tv shows do not have to pay networks to advertise their programming. Networks set aside a certain amount of time for promotional spots for advertisements and "eat" the costs for those time slots because they know that by promoting their shows, it should increase ratings for those shows and they in turn can charge advertisers more money.

Primetime shows bring in WAY more advertising dollars than daytime shows do, so primetime advertisements get the majority (if not all) of those "free" slots.

Lastly, at best the promo slots themselves are 15 seconds, 30 seconds max. The great DAYSASTER promo is 1 minute, 38 seconds. This is WAY WAY WAY more time then the networks would ever allow any show to use for a "free" promo, thus, they can only show the super sized DAYSASTER promo online.
This is all totally true...which you don't need me to say. But its exactly everything that I've ever heard. They don't really eat the cost, because the cost isn't truly there. They set the market for the cost so they're not losing anything...they just aren't gaining the money they could be in that spot. Also with the price of Olympic spots right now because of the super high ratings they would never run a promo that long. And running it once almost seems not worth it. I would expect them to make a 15-18 second promo with saying go to nbc.com/days (whatever the DAYS official website is) for an extended look. I think they should run that once a night at least during the Olympics, but they don't care about DAYS enough and that network needs every penny they can get.
You put that better than I did. I should have said "eat" the potential profits they could have made on those slots.

I question how much more profit the show could make if their ratings went up a point or two higher. I still don't think the concern (at NBC) is daytime tv right now. I think NBC is bleeding profusely from loss of viewers/ratings/dollars in Primetime (before the Olympics) and that is their primary focus, period. Once they get their ducks in a row on that front, they may start to care more about daytime ratings. I could be totally wrong, however.
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