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Spoilers for next season and talk about the season finale


TV Guide interview with Cynthia Cidre about the finale


TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk about the big 'it'. Rebecca is Cliff Barnes' daughter. Can you confirm that this daughter is the same child Cliff's wife Afton [Audrey Landers] gave birth to back in the '80s?

Cidre: Yes that's the same Pamela Rebecca Barnes. I knew all along she was going to be Cliff's daughter, and I didn't think that many fans would pick up on the name. So I used her middle name to keep people guessing.

TV Guide Magazine: Is Afton still alive?
Cidre: I don't know yet.

TV Guide Magazine: This season we saw visits from Lucy and Ray. What other Dallas vets might you welcome back to Southfork next year?
Cidre: We're just breaking stories now so I don't really know yet. I just met Joan Van Ark [Lucy's mother, Valene] the other day and she was lovely. We tried for a cameo with her and Ted Shackelford this past season, but it didn't work out. I also met Donna Mills [Knots Landing's Abby Ewing] and she looks awesome, but I don't know that we can use Knots Landing characters.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you consider ending the season with a classic Dallas whodunit?
Cidre: This is the show that did that classically, but we're going to try to avoid that for a little bit. It doesn't mean we're not going to ever do that, but I don't think in our first couple of seasons. How could we ever top 'Who Shot J.R.?'
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