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Thanks so much for posting this!! ^^^

I am really relieved to know that they plan to slow things down a litte. As I said in an earlier post if they keep it at the rate they are at without really thinking it through it would be too much. It really seems like Cynthia Cidre has her shit together and that she is putting an awful lot of care into what airs and what doesn't and is really thinking the storylines through. I sooo appreciate that! And I'm glad they didn't go to the next phase for Anne right away too. I'm really starting to dig her so I think ending season 1 with her & Sue Ellen on top was a very smart move.

I get that part of Elena's purpose was to break John Ross's haert and make him more evil or whatever..but Hell, the kid's got the devil incarnate for a daddy already. I hope that if they plan to keep Elena instrumental in the business aspect of things, then they will develop her character a little more. I'm willing to try to like her, just need a reason to! lol

I am really excited for January! Great articles...Again, thanks for posting them :-)

Now if only DAYS would gather a clue from carefully crafted shows like this!!! (And obviusly play all the right beats) *sigh*
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