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Watching last night's eppy was like having hot rushed sex....DAMN it was good, now that's how you do a season finale!!

Ann - While I'll always be devoted to the late, great April, Ms. Ann came into her own last night! At first I thought she was going to let Harris touch her tits for fun, but I screamed when I saw that bug....and then she sucka punched him and reamed him out, I just may like her after all.

Dear Harris: I will fuck you anytime, anywhere....I'd even swallow, and SBG don't play that shit! Mitch Pileggi is beyond fine with the bald and bearded look.

I get the feeling we won't see the last of Carlos Bernard, especially with his threat to J.R.

Bobby sure got well fast, didn't he?

I so felt bad for John Ross but OTOH he needs to let the Crypt Keeper go. Sure didn't take that heifer long to whip her sunken in thighs around Christopher's waist, did it?! Loved John Ross and J.R. at the end. Now that Lindsay Hartley is out of work, I think she'd be a helluva replacement as Elena.

Finally.....Rebecca and Cliff! I couldn't stop screaming 'I KNEW IT!' at the telly! Old Cliffie ain't changed a bit and I'm loving it. Only drawback is we may have to see Afton, never was much of a fan.

January is such a long time, can't wait for Season 2!
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