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Aug 9 2012, 07:41 PM
Aug 9 2012, 07:36 PM
Aug 9 2012, 07:32 PM
Is anyone watching Soap Net's Golden Moments for GH? 1980! Luke and Laura on the run and dancing in the department store! A young Alan, Monica, and Rick! The stories hold up--even now! If you haven't watched it-- take some time to watch it- you won't be sorry. This is GH at its very best! I could watch this over and over again!

(Sorry--back to the regular discussion! :) )
OMG! I am missing this because I'm at work! Aargh!

That is one of my favorite soap opera episodes EVER. Luke and Laura dancing in the department store sealed the deal for me with them.

I loved so many of stories back then -- Alan/Monica/Rick/Lesley/Susan, Luke and Laura on the run from Frank Smith. I hope there are repeats this weekend.
Man, darn work! HAHA My hubby and I watching this and is just amazed how well the story holds up-- even after all these years! (The fashions--different story! LOL ) . We are just laughing at the thought the we watched this in 1980! I was a 14 years old! I can remember watching this back then and going to school the next day discussing what happened the day before on GH! What memories!
You and I are in the same age group -- I was 13 years old and soap opera crazy (I guess I still am to a lesser extent LOL). My older brothers even watched! They both were Luke fans and thought Laura and Bobbie were hot. And they loved the Frank Smith mob stuff.

My friends and I watched the ABC block at the time and GH was at the top of the list. Like you, we talked about GH. I used to run home to watch -- it came on right after I got out from school.

The storytelling -- there's no comparison between then and now. And the location shots. There's no way a Wyndhams type shoot could happen even if a show wanted to shoot one.

ITA - really great memories. I'm glad that I grew up during that era soap opera wise (I sound so old!).
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