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My reaction to current Y&R ...

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Hardly. Phyllis wan't heavily featured that week. The promo was mostly of Nikki/Jack and Victor/Sharon. Those two days were the disaster as a result Victor and Sharon. Nobody wanted to see that.

MAB should receive these numbers and try to tell everyone how good her ratings are.
Phyllis is featured heavily EVERY week, what are you talking about lol!? No one wants to see Phyllis which is why the ratings are awful.
:shrug: :shrug: That week she wasn't heavily featured. It was the abomination known as Shictor. There's always clips on YT to check out to confirm this if need be. Good luck.
Phyllis and her never-ending bullshit storyline about the hit and run were on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday that week. Yes, she was heavily featured as usual. Nobody wants to watch her garbage about how good she is. It's tiresome.

Ratings this summer are at a LOW point. According to the cast episode counts, Phyllis (MS) has been on pretty much every episode this summer. 43 episodes have been aired between June and July, the witch has been on 37 of them giving her the most appearances of any actor on the show. No one can tell me she isn't being shoved down viewers throats.

Ratings prove that "The Phyllis Show" isn't all that popular...
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