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BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL:  With the recent announcement that Ronn Moss has decided to leave the show after 20 plus years stories are changing faster then you can say your own name. Now the question is will there be an 11th hour reprieve? Would Ronn Moss really leave the place he called home for so many years?.... The Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle is getting really old. Are you sick of it yet? Well I am but never fear it is being said that Bell is bringing in a 4th wheel for this hell-hole of a triangle and this is going to bring one hell of a twist. It is being said that Liam is not going to be a happy camper when he finally says his 'I DO's' to one of the women as a new man starts hitting on the other. It's going to bring some serious surprises and one of the young ladies is already pregnant but doesn't know it yet. The trouble right now is that Brad is seriously considering ending that direction and go a different way.......Katie and Bill have a health scare concerning their upcoming newborn. Heather Tom has decided that she's going to feature her own newborn as the newest Spencer heir, at least for a while, most new mothers keep their children close at hand and Brad is all for it.

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: Bonnie Franklin's (best known for her starring role in the television series One Day at a Time) will first appear as Sister Celeste is Friday 8/23. She will be appearing on ten shows. Sister Celeste runs a Homeless Shelter which is where she meets Victor who has no idea who he is. Genevieve who Tucker asked to go on a secret trip to track down Victor also shows up at the Homeless Shelter and Sister Celeste does not trust her. No word if Victor has amnesia or is just despondent over his life. What makes no sense but then again it probably does Nikki going after Victor right after she married Jack. I gotta say if I were Jack I would tell my new wife it's Victor or me!!! This writing has alot to be desired and it makes sense that TPTB let MAB go. You would think by now the writers could come up with something different. Ether keep Nikki and Victor apart for a very very long time or put them back together and think of something new and fresh for these two.......When I first heard that MTS' vacation coincided with EB's I was concerned that they would write Nikki off during MTS' vacation by having her go looking for Victor. So much for the hope that Nikki and Jack's wedding would put an end to the abusive Nikki/Victor relationship. What will Sharon do to get even with her new husband and what does Tucker have to do with it? Just wait it's coming people. Sharon and Tucker team up to take over Newman Enterprises and it's more then just revenge.

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