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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Trey convinces Kristina to marry him and opts to take Trey up on his offer to elope to Atlantic City. Starr comes to the realization that Trey has sinister motives where Kristina is concerned and shares these fears with Michael.....Jerry and Joe Jr. strike a deal. Joe Jr. wants maximum damage done to Sonny's organization and family. He seeks help from someone totally unexpected for help in the financial realm. Sources are saying Tracy Quartermaine will be in the middle of the Joe/Sonny war...... Robin will prove herself a resourceful Scorpio and attempt another escape, and finds a shocking prisoner.....Anna and Luke head to Switzerland. But they do not find who they were looking for, (Robin of course) but they run into a bigger problem that puts both their lives in jeopardy. Ron is  keeping things under wrap as usual and sources are not sure how this will all go down. But it is being said this will happen in 3 arcs.....Monday is the day Sonny proposes to Kate! Will she say yes? Well, you'll have to watch and find out, but here's what Maurice Benard (Sonny) shared with Soaptown U.S.A. about the big moment: "They told me I could talk about it," grins the actor.  "So, I proposed to her.... and the scene couldn’t have gone better, I think. I wanted it to be conversational but through the conversation, you feel it, you know?  And at the end, she’s crying.... I can’t wait to see it.  I think you’re gonna like it."  Well, viewers?  Weigh in after watching and let me know what YOU think!....What if Jerry was injecting a serum to help Alexis and Joss?...What if looked like Franco was behind all things Port Charles and it is only a facade for the real mastermind?

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