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Bright Eyes
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I never ended up getting around to watching her show.

Now as for the roast, I totally loved it. Nothing will EVER beat the Joan Rivers roast, though.

Gilbert Gottfried OWNED as usual. I thought my insides were going to pop out during his set. He's a fucking genius.

Jane Lynch did a way better job than I expected of her. Same with Carrie Fisher.

Obviously Tom Arnold appearing stole the show. It's so crazy to see how after everything he's still so grateful to her.

Roseanne interrupting Jeff Ross twice made me laugh like hell. Only this bitch could do that.

Schumer and Jeselnik did their jobs well as always. And watching the the Sheen roast for the first time, I never realized Amy's controversial (and hilarious) joke didn't even make it to air.

Oh yeah, and Katey Sagal is just fucking hot as hell. What a damn hot MILF. Barkin looked hot for her age, too. And I loved how much of a great sport she was. It made me love her even more.
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