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engrady pind
Aug 8 2012, 03:35 PM
I stopped watching OLTL years and years ago when my work schedule interferred and I had to select one soap to keep up with. I chose General Hospital. Consequently, I am not familiar with the OLTL characters who have immigrated to Port Charles. I am not finding them intrusive. I think the powers that be have done a marvelous job integrating John and the Mannings into the things going on with the show. That being said, I am not impressed with Starr Manning who appears to be just another spoiled rich girl who thinks she knows more about life than she actually does. She is, however, a welcome contrast to Kristina who is full of herself and has a dangerously low self-image. It is safe to be said that I just don't care for the teen set. None of them feel like real teens. I am having difficulty getting a good handle on Todd Manning. He is childish and self-involved. I am surprised he has managed to keep his company. A good con man ought to be able to fleece Todd but good. Todd is totally different from the other GH characters. He is not a bad guy yet he has done bad things and knows he will continue to do bad things. I really think he shouldn't be allowed out on his own. He is a menace to himself and anyone in his line of thought. I can see Carly's fascination with him, but I am surprised she has taken on the role of mother-in-residence to Todd. I understand Todd's twin is supposed to make a visit to Port Charles too so that interrupted story can be finished. I have enjoyed Blair's visits to Port Charles and would like to see her more often as she can really be a fly in the ointment for some of the other characters.
Todd is a bad guy 100% he can sometimes be good to people he really loves or if he needs something from them but he always ends up hurting them also. Lately they have been making him comic relief and it annoys me. RH does have great comedic timing but he use to be really dark, intelligent AND funny. Now he is more goofy than dark and it started around 2001 on OLTL that his personality changed. I'm crossing my fingers that evil Todd will make a comeback soon.

On to other GH characters I love love love Jerry( in case you haven't noticed I like the baddies) I hope all hell breaks loose in PC because of him. I am so excited to see Jerry and then to find out that Ewen isn't as goody goody as he seems is icing on the cake.

I'm starting to like just about everyone on the soap now except olivia that bitch still annoys me but even LuLu is growing on me. I am actually looking forward to the show everyday I love it
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