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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

When I first heard that MTS' vacation coincided with EB's I was concerned that they would write Nikki off during MTS' vacation by having her go looking for Victor

According to that "#1" Y&R "Source" Nancy B. he' has the deeds on just about everything even the "Allegedly" stuff and know what's going to happen with some of the actors before they do. :hmmph: Me personally feel like that's some bullshit on it's face but ANYDAMNWAY....(MTS) Nicole and (EB) Victor are extremely important part of Y&R's brand and if them idiots just do away with much older characters and think all this unsettling mess MAB left behind can be cleared with ousting veterans well I hope those muthafuckas loose even more viewers than they already have... I don't see how the hell (The new hires) are using "Dallas" as an example for re-energizing Y&R if they would rid the canvas of it's core that just doesn't make one ounce of sense to me.
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