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Aug 14 2012, 08:04 AM
They might as well kiss Y&R away if they get rid of the soul of the show. A show with just Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, Adam, Gen, Lily, those people... give it up.
The show is EB, MTS, JC, PB. Making it into a dream will just be a nightmare.
Some characters can't be fixed by just waking up or taking off somewhere to find themselves and think things over. Victor's running off, Nikki chasing him, Sharon's attempt to rise to the top, Adam's goodie-two-shoes act just get's real rancid with time.
I agree very sick of Adam and Chelsea....I find them boring beyond watching grass grow and paint dry...they are so sickening sweet they make my back teeth hurt....Just not Adam...I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop with these two...as far as Sharon is concerned...the jury is still out on this one...she has been crapped on enough over the years and I think she is ready to fight back....Victor and Nikki....just put them together and let them deal with lifes' little nuiances as husband and wife, grandma and grandpap and get on with it....and Phyllis....lie lie lie lie.....so sick of her desperate pleading with Nick...and the writers need to go to Oz and get a brain for Nick...his seems to not be working at the moment...only with Sharon...but not with Phyllis...ho hum....so ready to ditch this soap if the writing doesn't change...do they think we are moronic or what?
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