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Updated 8/15

COMING UP: Sickness fills Port Charles, Surprises are around every corner and Lante go in to see Dr. Lee!

Trey spills to Starr

Josslyn is ill

Ewan is frantic to save Liz from the coming danger.

Jax visits his daughter and finds out about Johnny and Carly!

Anna gets closer to finding Robin, but one step forward may mean 2 steps back!

Joe Jr and Tracy— connection?

Jerry actually SAVED Alexis and Josslyn from a coming epidemic

Connie is furious about the engagement

Olivia will have some of the ‘Heather Crazy’ inside her!

Jax warns Jason about Ewan

Carly finds out one of Johnny’s secret

Heather heads to Llandview

John and Jason team up

Tracy is blackmailed..again.

Jerry cares about two people: Joss and Alexis

Olivia is not the same

Joe Jr and Jerry team up

Kate plans a giant wedding…what could go wrong?! lol

The Tea story/reveal unfolds

Luke and Anna go on an adventure

Michael and Starr try to stop Trey and Krissy before they say “I DO” in Atlantic City

Heather and Todd make another deal

Alexis is injected (I think with the antidote)

Sonny thinks about retiring. Not for long.

Ewan has some deep buried secrets about his painful past

ConKate tries to get Joe to open up about her baby

The women are not safe in Port Charles!

When will Sonny make the Joe/Trey connection?

A return brings the Robin mystery closer

Michael and Starr make love

RUMOR: Trey sleeps with Krissy

Joe moves to Port Charles

The Robin story starts to unfold and word is vets are involved and some newbies as well!

Look under the bed…and further down the line, it’s not just you, it might be the wine

John and Sam will try to solve the Night of the Storm mystery

ConKate’s flashbacks have her realize she may not have shot out those tire

Will Dolores risk her life to be undercover?

John returns to Port Charles and the PCPD

John goes to Llanview and thinks something’s familiar about “Victor Jr”

There’s an organ harvesting ring in operation

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, things are not what they seem, no not at all…


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