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National Enquirer Spoilers

* Sami and Lucas get into a heated confrontation.
* Will admits that he’s screwed up his love life.
* Melanie is worried about Chad
* Abigail and Cameron continue their romance
* Nick realizes his big decision will affect other besides himself
* Nicole opens up to Daniel about what’s been on her mind


**UPDATED 8/17**

Monday ("Bail")
Sami is livid when Nicole interrupts her conversation with Rafe; Melanie opens up to Chad about Nick.

Tuesday ("Feelings")
Nicole reveals her true feelings to Daniel; Chad posts EJ's bail; Sonny punches T.

Wednesday ("Searching For Sami")
Rafe realizes he has lingering feelings for Sami; Nick makes a decision about his future.

Thursday ("Important Decisions")
Will quits his job with EJ to concentrate on his own life; Brady and Rafe agree to focus on their work.

Friday ("Chad Worries About Melanie")
Chad and Brady advise Melanie to oppose Nick's release; Daniel's suggestion upsets Nicole.

**UPDATED 8/21**

Week of August 27:

Monday August 27:
Daniel and Chad discuss concerns about Mel.
Melanie's freaked out about the possibility that Nick will be paroled.
Hope delivers a letter from prison authorities which forces Mel to tell Chad about Nick.
Melanie can't shake bad feelings.
Hope visits Nick in prison.
Nick is rocked after hearing what Melanie has suffered at the hands of Andrew.
Sami's released on bail.
Sami and Rafe have a dramatic encounter.
Sami fumes when Nicole interrupts to talk to Rafe about 'their baby'.
Nicole is finally able to tell Daniel she wants to be more than just friends.
Sami reunites with Allie and Lucas.
Lucas accuses Sami of wanting all the men in her life to always be in love with her.
Rafe is in denial about his unexpected feelings for Sami.

Tuesday August 28:
Kate turns up to talk to EJ at SPD and learns he's through with his father.
Kate reveals Lucas is done with Sami.
Chad bails EJ out.
John surprises Kate.
Daniel lets Nicole down gently.
Nicole has a fantasy about Daniel.
Nicole runs into EJ.
Nick changes his mind about seeking parole until Julie talks to him.
Marlena talks to Nick.
Mel worries about Chad's overprotectiveness.
Will talks to Marlena about messing up his love life with Sonny.
Sonny and T get into it and Sonny punches T.
Gabi's a little hurt after realizing why Will had sex with her.

Wednesday August 29:
EJ runs into Nicole on his way to see Sami.
Rafe and EJ lock horns.
Rafe acknowledges his romantic feelings for Sami.
Sami and EJ are alone... things heat up.
Nicole hints that Daniel should move in with her.
Melanie is torn between the fear of Nick being free and her sensitivity to him being there for his family after they lost Jack.

Thursday August 30:
EJ and Sami are getting intimate when Sami halts the proceedings.
Sami needs to get her house in order before moving on with any man.
EJ tells William he thinks of him as a friend.
Billie finds EJ alone and comments on how miserable he looks.
Rafe consoles Brady.
Brady asks Victor for his old job back.
Sami realizes the men in her life are distractions which pull her away from her children.
Caroline ensures Rafe knows Sami and EJ are not spending the night together.
Jenn and Abby return from spreading Jack's ashes.
Will talks to Abby about his love life.
Brian attempts to get Sonny to talk to Will.
Jenn finds herself face-to-face with Daniel.

Friday August 31:
Melanie has a nightmare that Brady comforts her from.
Chad tries talking Abby into helping him get Mel to write a letter to the parole board, ensuring Nick stays in prison.
Chad finds Brady with Melanie. They get her to see things their way about Nick.
Hope brings Jessica, Nick's mother to the prison.
Daniel asks Maggie to allow Nicole to move into the mansion.
Jennifer asks Nicole to move in - with her.


Getting out.
Sami gets bailed out of jail, but she’s till furious with Rafe, especially when he and Nicole refuse to drop the charade about ‘their’ baby. After Nic and Rafe confirm for each other that they want nothing more than friendship, she hunts down Dr. Dan to tell him she wants a whole lot more out of him. He thinks she’s confused and turns her down. While she gets busy fantasizing about him, he already has a lot to deal more to deal with, like Melanie freaking out over Nick’s possible parole. Julie attempts to calm her fears and Maggie gets between the arguing women. Melanie goes home with Chad and tries to put all of this out of her mind. Hope shows up to officially tell her about the parole. Mel can’t hide this from Chad anymore and unloads her worries on him. He becomes manically over-protective. She actually has more mixed feelings about it though. Part of her thinks that Nick’s family could really use having him around after losing Jack.

Hope goes to visit Nick in prison. She’s impressed that he’s been making great progress, but warns him that Melanie’s life is still a disaster. He feels bad and decides not to seek parole. Julie and Maggie show up and try to talk him around. After he admits that he was nearly killed in custody, they suggest he talk to Marlena about his options. Hope returns and once again tries talking him into seeking parole. He’s still not sure so she brings his mom, Jessica, into the mix. He finally agrees to stick to his plan to petition for parole.

Chad bails his brother out after Elvis has enjoyed a vaguely civil visit from Kate. She bumps into John on her way out and they discuss where Stefano might be hiding. Meanwhile, Sami has already been bailed out and visits her kids… and Lucas. He is not happy to see her. Luckily for her, EJ will be happy to see her, but he runs into Nicole first. After he begins threatening her, Rafe rears his head to fend him off. As the two men lash out at each other, Rafe realizes he still has feelings for Sami. Nicole decides to use the latest threats as an excuse to pull Daniel in closer.

Elvis and Sami endure more sexual tension but she refuses to let them relieve it. She actually tries to put her kids first. They have a long talk about the children and Rafe. When she leaves to pick her kids up at Caroline’s, Will shows up and announces that he is resigning from EJ’s service. He also explains that EJ really is a DiMera after all.

Rafe runs into Brady, who is still wrought up with grief about his dead fiancee. The cop does his best to pay his condolences. Brady decides to throw himself back into work and asks Victor for his old job back. Brady takes a walk and bumps into Mel. She’s been having nightmares about Nick so he tries comforting her. Chad joins them and, with a little pressure, she admits that it will be a harder for her to heal with Nick around. She agrees to write a letter to the parole board requesting that he be kept inside. Meanwhile, Abby and Jenn continue to grieve. After they spread Jack’s ashes, Jenn has a slightly unsettling encounter with Billie before bumping into Daniel. He pays his sympathies before going to see his mom. He asks Maggie to let Nicole move into the mansion. She offers to convince Victor. However, it may be harder to convince Nicole to go along with the idea. Jennifer winds up walking in on Maggie and Victor screeching at each other and offers to let Nic come and live with her instead.

Will confesses to Marlena that he’s seriously boned his love life. Brian is busy trying to encourage Sonny to see it the same way, but Kiriakis turns down his sexy suggestions. Sonny runs into Tad and smashes his face in. Tad mopes around and runs into Gabi, who hears all about how upset he made Will. She quickly realizes that she and Will only had grief sex and gets upset. She meets up with William to try and get past it for the sake of their friendship. Meanwhile, with Will avoiding him, Sonny keeps hanging out with Brian. Adrienne and Victor think they’d make a cute couple but there’s only one man for Sonny. Frustrated, Brian talks him into giving Will a call. William refuses to answer.


**UPDATED 8/23**

Monday, August 27th
Nicole tells Daniel she wants to be more than friends; Lucas confronts Sami; Melanie tells Chad about Nick's release; Hope goes to see Nick.

Tuesday, August 28th
Daniel thinks Nicole is confused about her feelings; Kate and John talk about Stefano; Nick decides not to seek parole; Chad's protectiveness makes Melanie nervous; Will talks to Marlena about his love life.

Wednesday, August 29th
After a confrontation with E.J., Rafe begins to admit his feelings for Sami to himself; Melanie feels conflicted about Nick's parole hearing.

Thursday, August 30th
Sami decides to focus on getting life under control; Will gives E.J. his resignation; Brady gets a message about Melanie and Nick; Sonny tries to call Will.

Friday, August 31st
Melanie agrees to write a letter to the parole board; Hope convinces Nick to go through with the parole hearing; Daniel tries to arrange for Nicole to move into the Kiriakis mansion.

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