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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: David A. Levinson

Head Writers - Gary Tomlin
Christopher Whitesell

DiMera safehouse - Part 1: Sami finally tells EJ they have to stop. EJ - Why? Sami - Because it's wrong.

Hospital - Part 1: Nicole dreams that she wakes up to find Daniel sitting at her bedside. You're here. If it weren't for you I would have lost this baby. I would have lost so much. She wakes up and she's alone.

In an examination room Maxine tells Mel - I can't tell you how many prayers I prayed for you and so did everyone in this hospital. (Dan, Gabi and Chad are in the room as well). Maggie rushes in looking for her girl. She embraces Melanie. Thank God you're okay. Mel - I'm fine. Maxine said she was praying. Maggie - We all were. I've been volunteering all night. So many people were hurt from the explosion. I didn't know that they had found you and you were here. Your father and I were so worried about you. She cries as she hugs Mel telling her - I can't lose you. I'll never let you go again. Dan has some patients he needs to check on. He wants to keep an eye on Mel though so he tells her to stick around. She assures him she isn't going anywhere. Dan and Maxine leave. Maggie - Let me see you. Mel - I'm a mess. Maggie - I'm just so happy that you're okay. Mel - I didn't think I was going to see you again. Maggie - I knew we would find you. Mel - Thank you for not giving up on me. Maggie - Never. I was so worried about you. If I ever get my hands on the man who took you and kept you from us I will knock some sense into him and then I'll give him something to think about. Chad - He'd get off lucky then because he wouldn't be able to think much less do anything else if I ever got my hands on him. Mel protests. Chad - Andrew needs to be held responsible for what he did to you. Mel - I know. Just ... half the time he was trying to scare me and the other half he was trying to be my friend. Chad - The guy is nuts. Mel - I know. I wish I knew why he kidnapped me. Gabi recalls her confrontation with Andrew when she found out he had kidnapped Melanie. Roman comes in. Mel asks if he found Andrew. Roman - Not yet. We're still looking for him. On the plus side the gas leak is contained and fortunately there weren't near as many casualties as we initially thought. Maggie - Well thank God for that. Chad - Commissioner, I know you're going through a lot but this Andrew guy, he can't get away. Roman - He won't. I guarantee you we will find him and bring him to justice.

Someone knocks on Nicole's door so she says Come on. Father Matt heard she was here. May I come in. Nicole - Of course, please Father. She notices the bruises. Are you alright. FM - Oh yes. I wish I could say the same for some of my parishioners. How are you Nicole and the baby? Nicole - We're good. FM - I heard you went through quite an ordeal. Nicole - Yeah it was really scary there for a while but I was lucky. I had Dr. Jonas with me. He save my life, he saved my baby's life and he kept me from going into early labour. FM - I know Dr. Jonas. He's a good man. Nicole - Yeah, he's the best. FM - Pass my congratulations on to your husband. I had no idea you and EJ were expecting. Nicole - Uh, EJ and I are not together anymore and this baby isn't his. FM - I see. Are you with the father of the child? Nicole - No, we're just friends. Actually I'm totally fine with it. FM - I'm sorry you have to go through this situation alone. Nicole - Oh, I don't plan to be alone.

Madison's hotel room - Part 1: Brady - What do you mean you're sorry. Where is Madison? Is she in the hospital? Is she hurt? Tell me where she is. Kate - I'm sorry. Brady - You keep telling me you're sorry. Don't tell me you're sorry. Where is she? Kate hugs him. Brady looks stunned. Kate - Brady, Brady ... Brady - What happened please. Kate - It was at the ballroom in the hallway after one of the exposions. Brady - I should have been there. Kate - No. Brady - I could have protected her. Kate - There was nothing that you could have done. Brady - You don't know that. He picks up a piece of Madison's clothing and holds it. Oh God. Kate - The window that she must have been standing in front of imploded and there was glass and debris everywhere. She was gone before the paramedics got there. Brady - She was getting ready for our wedding. She was supposed to be with my father and Marlena. Kate - She was ready. She looked beautiful. Brady - Where is my father? Where's Marlena? Are they okay? Kate - They're okay. Your dad is looking for you. Brady, I'm so sorry that it happened this way. I had issues with Madison but I never wanted this. She would probably be here right now if Ian hadn't ... Brady jumps up - Ian! What did he do to her?

Hospital - Part 2: Maggie points to the door and tells Mel - If you need me I'll be right out there. Mel thanks her. Maggie leaves. Chad asks Roman if he thinks Andrew made it out of the tunnels. Roman - That's hard to say. Most of them collapsed after that last exposion. If he didn't make it out that will definitely lower our chances of finding him alive but we will find him. Mel - You have to for my sake and Gabi's sake. I mean his obsession started with Gabi. Gabi - Yeah, right. Mel - I just don't want him anywhere near us ever again. Roman - That's why getting your statement right now is crucial to our investigation. Mel - Okay, let's do it. Mel goes with Roman. Chad looks at Gabi - What's going on? Are you alright? Gabi - No, I'm not.

Maggie is at the nurse's station with Daniel. Well things slowly seem to be getting back to normal in large part due to you. Dan - They are slowly. Maggie - Did you call Carly and tell her that Melanie's been found and that she's okay. Dan - Yes, I called her last night. Maggie - She must be so relieved that everything is alright. Dan - We think everything is alright. Maggie - What's wrong? Dan - Someone grabbed my daughter off the streets and got away with it because I failed to do my job as a father. Maggie - That's not true! Dan - She was missing for weeks. I didn't bother to call her. I didn't think anything about her not calling me. The fact that she is alive is just pure, pure luck. I've barely had a chance to be part of this girl's life and I could have lost her and I would not have known that because I'm so damn self-involved. That's what I do Mom. That's the way I live my life. Maggie thinks he's being too hard on himself. Dan - Not true because my daughter's life was hanging in the balance and I wasn't there. Do you want to know what I was doing Mom? Do you really want to know. It's unforgiveable.

Nicole - Look Father, I'm the first to admit I'm not very religious. I don't believe in that God or whoever it that says we have some master plan. Cause I tell you if we do have a plan, I've blown it or at least deviated from it. But last night there was this moment that brought everything into focus. It's sad isn't it that it takes almost losing my baby to get what really matters. FM - You had an ephiphany, did you? Nicole - Yeah I guess you could call it that. The irony is aside from carrying this life inside of me the one thing that has mattered to me has been right there in front of me this whole time.

DiMera safehouse - Part 2: EJ asks if she thinks he's pressuring her. Sami - No. I just think we need time to think. 24 hrs ago I was home making dinner with ... EJ - Lucas. Sami - Yes. I was. EJ - Lucas is a distraction. You know that, I know that. You're playing house with the guy. Lucas knows that too. You understand that ... that's why he didn't come looking for you. Sami - Maybe that's what he thinks but I have feelings for him. EJ - What about the feelings you have for me? Doesn't it feel right being here with me? Sami - That's why I'm terrified. EJ - Why? Sami - Are you kidding me? Nothing ever falls into place for me. Have you met me? Nothing is ever easy. EJ - This is not easy. I'm on the run from the police. I'm being charged with a crime I didn't commit. Nothing is falling into place. In fact, everything is falling to pieces. Sami - Okay, so it's not perfect. I get that. EJ - Instead of thinking about that think about what we've actually been able to achieve. Sami - Avoiding capture? EJ - No. Things have changed betweent the two of us. I know that and I know that you know that. It's like we've finally been able to put the past behind us. We have each other's best interests at heart. Sami - You know that's what important. We owe that to the kids. EJ - We owe that to ourselves. Sami - I didn't go on the run with you so we could fall into bed because circumstances are ... EJ - Neither did I. Sami - We are on the run because we are here to help you. Because that is what's best for you, what's best for all of us, the whole family. EJ - It's the middle of the night. I put feelers out and until someone gets back to me we're in a holding pattern. He starts to kiss her again but Sami pulls back. Okay then we'll wait. We'll sit and wait and stare at the walls. EJ - We could certainly do that but I'd much rather stare at you. They kiss.

Hospital - Part 3: Mel and Roman are sitting in the waiting area. Mel - He handcuffed me to the pipe and then he left me in the tunnels. I didn't think that anybody was going to find me. Roman - How did you get away from him. Mel - Gabi found me.

Chad tells Gabi to talk to him. Gabi waves it off - Forget it. Chad - You know I can't do that. Gabi - Everything that's happened with Andrew, all the things he said to Melanie ... all of this is my fault. Chad - None of this is your fault. Gabi - Yes it is. You don't understand. Chad - What don't I understand? Gabi - That I'm to blame for this. I'm a horrible person. Chad holds her.

Maggie - Daniel, you're a good man. You're a caring and loving father. Dan - I don't need you propping me up Mom. Maggie - I'm speaking the truth and that's kind of what I'd like from you. Your daughter is alive and safe. You should be rejoicing instead of beating up on yourself for God knows what. Is this about Nicole? Dan - Nicole has done nothing wrong here. Maggie - I didn't say that she had. Dan - She's a better person then most people around here give her credit for including your husband. Maggie - We're talking about you. I want to know what's upsetting you. Dan - Since I came back here I've been doing to Nicole what she's been accused of doing time and time again. Maggie - You're going to have to narrow that down a little bit. Dan - I'm using her. I'm pushing her into some sort of intense committment to me because I don't like being alone. I'm not good at it mom so I tried to pressure her into a relationship she doesn't want, doesn't need. I've become THAT guy. No more, no more.

Nicole - I just want to be happy, loved. Trite I know because that's what everyone wants, right? FM - You believe your chance at being happy was right in front of you this whole time. Nicole - Yes. I guess I didn't appreciate what was being offered to me. FM - Why is that? Nicole - Cause I have a hard time believing that when someone says they won't hurt me they actually mean it. So I did what I do best, I pushed this person away. I gave mixed signals. I didn't express what I actually wanted. Oh God, I'm done. No more. I'm not playing anymore games. FM - You know Nicole you're not alone anymore. Nicole - I know. I have a baby on board. FM - And it's important to keep your focus on that child and give him or her the life they deserve. Nicole - Believe me Father that is exactly what I intend to do.

DiMera safehouse - Part 3: Sami continues frolicing with EJ on the couch until he finally rolls off to check the beeping coming from the laptop. It's one of my contacts. Sami - Can you read that? It's just a bunch of numbers. EJ - Yes. It's a code Stefano built. Sami - You can decipher it. He can. Sami - Is your computer safe. EJ - Of course it is. I have a scrambler so they can't trace the IP address. Nothing incoming or outgoing can be traced. Sami - So what's it say? EJ - One of my contacts has been in contact with somebody who can clear my name. That's fantastic. I have to go meet them. Sami - I'll go with you. EJ - No you're not. Sami - We're in this together. EJ - I was given explicit instructions to go alone. Sami will stay hidden, out of sight. EJ - I have enough to worry about without thinking about your safety. Sami - Then don't think about my safety. I'll worry about me. BTW have you thought that this might be a trap. EJ - If it is it's much better that one of us stays here to look after the children. Sami - Don't talk like that. Don't you talk like you're not coming back. EJ - You know there was a time you would have been very happy for me not to come back. Sami - Like you said, things have changed. EJ - I lke a change. He kisses her.

Madison's hotel room - Part 2: Brady - What did Ian do to Madison? Tell me. Kate - He was with her when she died. Brady - He was there. Was he the reason she got hurt? Kate - I don't know. All I know is that he was there in the hallway. Brady - He was there so he's the reason ... where is he right now. Tell me! John comes in. You don't need to know that son. Kate - John this is none of your business. John - So this was the grand plan eh Kate? You're going to wind up my son, send him off to kill Macallister. Do you think I'm going to let you do that? Get out of here. Kate - No. Get your hands off me. John - Look at me. My son's grief is not going to be another one of your weapons. If you want revenge on that half a man Macallister you go get him yourself. Kate breaks out of John's hold and goes to Brady. I'm sorry for your loss but you need to hear this. I was there when she died. John - Get out of here! Brady - What do I need to hear? Kate pulls away from John - He needs to hear this John. She turns to Brady - She said Brady, I love you. Kate leaves. Brady - I'm going to kill him. John stops him from leaving. You're not going anywhere like this.

Hospital - Part 3: Gabi - I hate myself. If you really knew me then you would hate me too. Chad - What are you talking about? Andrew kidnapped Melanie, you didn't. Why would I hate you? Why
would anyone hate you? There's nothing you could have done to stop this. Gabi - That's not true. I could have stopped it but I didn't.

Maggie - So you're saying that you need to be connected to someone. We all do. So you were lonely and Nicole was there. Dan - Mom, I wanted it to be more. I wanted it to mean more. So what do I? I keep pushing, putting on pressure ... I don't know when to stop. She doesn't love me that way yet I'm all jealous and I get stupid. I have no right, none. Maggie - If I know Nicole and I'm pretty sure that I do, she didn't have any trouble telling you what she wanted. Dan - No, she didn't but what she needed from me was to be a friend and I didn't exactly do that because I ... Mom, I think since I learned that my career as a surgeon is over I've done just about everything possible to avoid the emptiness. Maggie - So you're saying that this relationship with Nicole has been like escaping your loss. Dan - I think it was and getting Melanie back has made me see how shallow and self-involved I really am. Maggie - And now? Dan - And now I can't use Nicole or anyone to escape my own emptiness. I want to be a father that my daughter can count on. I want to be man that my daughter is proud of. Maggie - Well your mother is already very proud of you. They hug.

Nicole talks to her baby. Well my little angel, Father Matt is right, you deserve a good life and that's what I'm going to give you. And I believe in my heart that Daniel could love us both and look after us. We just need to let him know that's what we want.

Madison's hotel room - Part 3: Brady - You can't keep me here. John - It's going to be difficult. Brady - I'm going to find him. John grabs him - They argue. John tells Brady Macallister is not worth is. Brady screams - He killed her. It's worth it! John - He didn't son. I know you want to blame him. It's a hell of a lot easier but what happened to Madison was nothing but an accident. Brady - It was not an accident. He broke her. All she wanted was to be with me and he wanted her for himself. And now she's gone and all I want to do is kill him. John grabs him again and yells - Is that what she would have wanted? For you to go after Macallister like this? You've got to find a way to let it go. If not for your sake, out of respect for Madison you've got to find a way to let it go. Can you do that?

Coffeehouse - Part 1: Kate comes in and sees Lucas. She comments that he looks better. I was wondering if you needed any help with the kids tonight. Lucas - Not at the moment I don't. Allie has a playdate. Johnny and Sydney are at the pub, so we're getting by. It's been a little crazy without Sami though. Kate - So you're still at the mercy of her selfish behaviour, right? Lucas - I am again. I guess I'm used to it. What are you doing? Where are you headed? Kate - Since you don't need my help I'm going to go over to the police station. Lucas - Is everything okay? Kate - Yeah, I just have to talk to Roman. Lucas - About what? Kate recalls Ian's confession. Nothing to worry about, it doesn't concern you. Lucas - Does he have any idea where Sami is? Kate - Why would you think I even care where that wretched woman is. As far as I'm concerned she can stay away as long as she possible could. God knows eventually she's going to crawl out from under some rock. Lucas - It's going to be hard for her to avoid jail time aiding and abetting a fugitive. Kate - To bad they haven't built a cell already deep and dark enough for that little witch. Lucas - If she wasn't the mother of my children I'd build that cell myself.

DiMera safehouse - Part 4: The kiss finally ends. EJ - No more arguing. Sami - For now. EJ - When I get back, hopefully I'll have cleared my name, I want to pick up exactly where we left off. Another kiss. As he's leaving Sami tells him - I'll be waiting.

Hospital - Part 4: Dan tells Nicole he looked at her chart. You and the baby are doing well. As a matter of fact I think you'll be out of here by the end of the day. Nicole - I don't know how to thank you. Dan - You thanked me enough. Nicole - No. I owe you. If it weren't for you I don't know what would have happened to me. You saved both our lives. Dan - I'm your friend. I'd do whatever I could. Nicole - You know Daniel I've been thinking a lot about our relationship or whatever it is that we're calling it. Just then Dr. Knapp comes in to check on her patient. Dan will go. Nicole - Please I want you to stay. Dr. Knapp - The good news is that you and your baby seem to be doing just fine. So while I'd advise you to continue taking it easy I don't see any reason to confine you to bed rest. Nicole - That's great. Anything else? Dr. Knapp - Actually there is but you might be more comfortable if ... Nicole - No, if you have anything to say you can say it in front of Daniel. He's the one who saved my child's life so I want him to here it. Dr Knapp - Okay fine. I'm going to advise that for the remainder of your pregnancy you abstain from any sexual activity whatsoever.

Madison's hotel room - Part 4: Brady - Dad, I feel guilty. I wasn't there for her. I wasn't there when she needed me. John - You didn't know she was in any danger kid. No one did. You heard what Kate said. Her last thoughts, her last words were of you. She said she loved you son. And that is what you hold on to.

Hospital - Part 5: Dr. Knapp has to go but she will be back before Nicole is discharged. She leaves. Nicole - Buzzkill huh? Seriously, no fooling around for a couple of months. Dan - Yeah, well you'll be fine. Nicole - Well a couple of months is a long time for you too. Dan - I think the only thing that matters is the health of your child. Nicole - If you're trying to say that you care about the both of us I already know. Do you care a lot? Dan - Of course I do. Nicole - But? Dan - Us not being together in that way is not just what's best for the baby, it's the best for us too. Nicole - I don't understand. You don't think we should make love again ever. Dan - I'm not very proud of the way I've treated you. Nicole - What are you talking about, the way you've treated me. You saved my life, my baby's life. Dan - I'm talking about before. Nicole - Before what? I don't know what you're talking about. Dan - I was pressuring you into a relationship which is the last thing either one of us needs. Nicole - Stop it. Dan - No. You've got to hear me. Nicole - Ssh! I'm talking. It's time for you to listen to me now.

Mel returns as Chad is telling Gabi - Not only are you not to blame for what Andrew did to Melanie, you're a hero. You rescued her from that creep. Why are you coming down on yourself? Mel - Chad's right. You're a great friend. Nothing that happened is your fault. Maxine comes in - We need all of you out of here now. We have another victim. Mel - Do you need any help? Maxine needs an extra pair hands to clean out the trauma room. Chad goes with her. Mel asks to look at the chart - What do we have? The guy hands the chart over - I'll go and page Dr. Brennan. Mel says Sir, you're going to be fine. We're going to get you some medicine ... she looks at the patient ... OMG. Gabi - What's going on. Andrew opens his eyes and looks at them. Gabi - Oh God.

DiMera safehouse - Part 5: Sami is sitting at the computer looking at pictures when she dumps a cup of coffee all over herself. Great. Now what. She picks up the black dress and goes to change. Outside we see a hand trying to open the door.

Coffeehouse - Part 2: Lucas - Why are you looking at me like that? Kate - This isn't like you. Usually when I try to throw Sami under the bus you're there to push her out of the way. Lucas - Yeah, then the bus hits me. I'm not going to do that anymore. Kate - Really? You're really not going to try and protect her anymore? Lucas - No. I'm done with it. She made her bed, she can sleep in it without me. I'm just sorry it took me so long to see Sami for who she really is. Kate - I'm just so happy that you finally decided to remove yourself from that disaster she calls life. You deserve so much more. You deserve someone who is worthy of the love and affection you have to give. Lucas - Despite everything that's happened I still want the same for her. Kate - Oh God Lucas! Lucas - I do, for the kids sake. Those children need stability in their life. Kate - I see the logic in that. Lucas - And I want her to be happy. I want her to fall in love with somebody and I want someone to love her back. Kate - Yeah, then she can make his life miserable.

DiMera safehouse - Part 6: Sami returns and sees and hears someone trying to open the door. She holds up a bottle ready to hit someone.

Wooded area / DiMera safehouse: EJ lurks around and then walks away. Sami makes her way to the side of the door. EJ looks around and waits. We see someone approaching silently. That person
knocks EJ unconscious. Sami focuses on the door and unlocks it when someone from inside the room grabs her hand. Sami squeaks - It's you as she looks up at Rafe.
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