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Aug 16 2012, 01:29 PM
Aug 16 2012, 01:12 PM
Aug 16 2012, 01:11 PM
Pretty sure Dacole is going to be around for a lot longer than ppl think. When Nicole wants something, it is not like her to just give up, not even if it for the likes of Dr. Groper. I love strongwilled and stubborn Nicole, if she wants Daniel to be her man, she is not going to let go easily. Daniel saying no, is just apart of the SL. I think EJ is going to be very busy on the run, with Ian & Steffany and Sami, way too busy to even think about Nicole. So the alternative are limited.
Nicole/Daniel/Jennifer triangle here we come..... :puke:
as barf worthy as that would be...nicole would mop the floor with her and THAT part might be fun to watch lol
Jen-Jen's got no business thinking of her next hook-up this soon. Jack's remains aren't even cold yet, and she's got two devastated kids whose emotional needs should come before her physical ones. I hope Abigail at least would flip out if Jennifer started making eyes at Dr. Douche again. After her father apparently died to save her, I don't think she'd be so accepting of another man trying to take Jack's place this time.

Never liked Daniel, but I found him particularly noxious and entitled last fall when he was whining about handing Jack the family he wanted for Melanie and himself. Make your own family, dude, instead of trying to poach someone else's.

Relieved that Melanie's leaving, so there won't be too many more inappropriately cuddly Jonas family moments. Jack/Abigail are so believable as father and daughter, but Daniel/Melanie skeeve me out.
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