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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I am sorry but Daniel calling Maggie "Mom" atleast 5X in the same scene makes me sick. I thought he had trouble referring to Maggie as "mom". I refuse to let this bastard character be woven into the canvas this easily, atleast not for me. Daniel's confession to Maggie about being self-centered and a bad father, about ignoring Melanie. His guilt for not being there for her etc., and about using Nicole, when she what, pushes him away? How awful he has been, since he found out he can't be a sugeron and how he needs to/is going to change. BARF!!!!

I was doing great all week, then TIIC are trying to sell me on this uselss character. Daniel is not, will never be a replacement character for Jack Harcourt Deveraux. Any similarities drawn between these 2 character is mind numbing. Absolutely a slap in the face to Jack fans. I might be reading into this a little too much, call me sensitive, but it just seems weird and creepy to me. What's next? Dan is going to rape someone he loves (Nicole) and then seek his own redemption SL? My optimism for this show just plummeted down the elevator shaft along with Jack's exit SL.
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