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Aug 16 2012, 04:29 PM
Aug 16 2012, 03:31 PM
Nicole playing scheming interloper to Dannifer has been in the cards for awhile IMO. Based on AZ's last round of interviews, some us have been predicting that is how it would go down. I bet she is going to work hard to hang onto Dan - maybe threatening to expose how he switched the paternity tests, maybe playing up her worry over her pregnancy, maybe playing up her fear that EJ will take her baby, etc., etc. No matter her approach, I'm pretty certain that Nikki is going to be manipulating the situation to hang onto Dan for the next 2-3 months.
If Nicole the schemer is back then I would be all for it. As for what I'm seeing right now, she has been way too "perfect life with Daniel." I know he helped save her baby but everything until then was light and fun and I wished they would go back to that.
After the explosion and almost losing the baby-bump, I can see Nic getting more serious about her life and the life of her baby. Not that I am pro baby-bump (the CH was a lost opportunity, if ya get my drift), but it's there and Nic really wants a happy life for herself and the baby. AZ got to me today with her little baby-bump talk scene in the hosp bed. Gonna be interesting to see how Dan/Nic plays out. And the KM interview about Nic and Abs being protective of her mom, does seem like a Dan/Nic/Jenn triangle could be in the offing.
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