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Interesting that GH is dropping so much in ratings. I can't figure it out. I've tried getting back into it. Put it back on my DVR when the whole Heather Webber culmination/Robin reveal/Patrick hitting rock bottom happened. But that was just because of a few days of great buzz.

I've tried to get back into GH, but I just can't. I'm so sad, because I miss having a soap to watch, but I can't get into any of the remaining shows. I think GH is better than when I left with the whole Franco fiasco - but it feels uneven somehow. I like some story lines, but they lose momentum. And some story lines I loathe - like Johnny/Carly and Kate DID.

I think the major problem is that there aren't enough characters that I really and truly love, in whom I am totally invested. So I don't care enough to tune in regularly. There are characters i could love or did love - but their current stories arent utilizing them enough in a consistent manner to really get me hooked again. There isn't a single soap couple on the show that I love either. So even though there's a lot of plot and drama, it's not all that interesting for me. Characters have to come first for me. If I love the characters, I can watch them eating pizza and be riveted. Otherwise, there can be bombs, fires, viruses, tears, and pornographic sex - and I'm like "meh."

LOL. I miss the great days of soaps. I miss the great writers and producers. RIP Mr. Rabin.
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