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Aug 18 2012, 08:37 AM
I must be the weird one because I started watching B&B for the 1st time ever back in Sept. and I freaking love it. In fact, it's probably my favorite US soap right now. IMO, it's probably the closest thing on the air to the classic 1980s soaps. I freaking LOVE IT! Is it perfect? Fuck no, but dammit if this show doesn't use traditional romance soap tropes & tricks to its advantage with long, lingering camera shots on faces full of emotion and impactful reaction shots. And I think that Liam/Steffy are probalby my favorite couple/potential couple from all the US soaps at the moment. I freaking LOVE THEM.
The biggest problem I have with Liam, Hope and Steffy is that it's overload now with them. I want to see more than just them in the spotlight. I think that this is an age old problem-- you want to show off your popular pairings but I don't think TPTB have learned balance. Honestly, this is happening in all of the soaps and for me, that's a huge turnoff.
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