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I completely agree Matt. B&B somehow always grabs me in. Is it perfect? Not by a long-shot.

I kinda prefer the half-hour format, also. I wish all soaps were a half hour (well, not now considering how few there are). I just can't sit through an hour (well, actually, don't they all really run like 35-36 minutes without commercials?) anymore. As frantic as B&B is with their storytelling, they have a core, and they use it well.

However, I do agree the triangle from hell is on too much. Even when Brooke/Ridge/Taylor dominated, there were still other actual storylines going on. I was reading recaps from 1993 (http://www.boldbeautifulfan.com/bnbarchv.htm) and while the core is used a ton (didn't Brad Bell start in 1992/1993 full-time?), there's still other things going on. Anyway ... back on topic! LOL.

It's nice to see the ratings go up for each soap, in some form. I am glad that Y&R is dropping in women 18-49. I bet that played a hand in the behind the scenes changes. Hasn't it been dropping regularly for a while now?
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