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Aug 18 2012, 11:34 PM
Aug 18 2012, 09:18 PM
I can't decide whether it's Tomlin's incredible ego/hutzpah or his laziness that makes him determined to churn out exactly the stories that viewers don't want to see. Either he is so full of himself that he will not hear viewer input, or he's just that lazy that he's pulling out script outlines that he'd written last summer and plopping them back into place. Of course, I don't really think anybody was chomping at the bit to see these stories last summer either, so it has to be his ego at work.

Audacious. :shame:

Of course, all his superiors are approving this junk, so they must believe these are the stories that will generate high ratings. Good luck with that.

I think it's his ego, though someone at NBC must be telling him he's wonderful at the same time. It's just like in 08 when he decided that 1990/1 was the year the show must model itself after now. Only someone with a very deluded sense of his own talent would even think to make that proposition. He writes completely plot-based stories about characters we really don't care about. If they have a through-line and can keep viewers hooked, though, the ratings may go up as they did with the baby switch. But with Dannifer, there has never been a consistent story plot. Date-sex-another date-more sex. So that one must just be pure ego on Tomlin's part.
Ego, and what I've dubbed Returning Headwriter Hubris, in which reinstated headwriters try to wipe out everything that took place since their former tenure and turn the clock back to the last time they were in charge, whether it makes sense or not, whether it's good for the show or not.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I can already tell from spoilers that T&W 2 aren't focusing on anyone I care about. It's all about characters who already get a ton of airplay--Sami and her three ex-husbands--or the incredibly boring 20-something set, with a bit of Will and Sonny thrown in since that's been one of the few well-received stories of the past year.

Maybe things will improve in October with Kristen returning to shake things up, but I suspect the rest of August and September will suck, especially if those months contain the episodes taped when MB was working almost every day until her departure. Non-fans of Melanie beware!
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