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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

^Nicely summoned up Romancer66. I see the next 6 weeks of DAYS as due diligence SLs that need closure and the rumors of the younger set taking over DAYS. I am thinking that this will just be a phase and that DAYS will revert back in few months time. The 30 something crowd Nicole, EJ, Lucas, Sami, Rafe, Brady is a mess and too Sami focused right now. In the short term, I suspect any new actors coming on board will be to enhance this group.

As for the older-middle-aged focus crowd.....things are a little scary, with PR leaving and possibly another "vet" anticipated exit.... this group will be seriously impacted. Abe, Jen, Daniel, John, Marlena, Hope, Bo & Kayla and the possible pairing are either obvious or awkward.

IMO, things do not look up for DAYS. T&W and NBC friends have obviously decided which way the show's new focus is going to go, and there is not much they can do to derail any potential fallout with SLs taping 2-3 months in advance. I am very pessimistic over the show's direction and am ticked at how some of my favorite characters are written. I wonder who long T&W are going to last.?
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