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Aug 19 2012, 10:30 AM
I don't feel Safe will rear its ugly head as after the Ejami scenes this week, GG would have to learn how to act in order to Compete with JS and AS. The GA probably just wants drama and romance and if they compare the two couples side by side , The superior acting will usually win out. You can't have Sami only interact with EJ either so its important that she have scenes with Both Lucas and Rafe so the difference in how she reacts to each is showcased. In the past , they had Sami removed from most interaction with EJ unless it was to fight and Safe was given the fairy dust treatment but now that the wriitng is good for EJ and Sami, it can be good for Rafe too and I'll put my money on JS seducing the audience . I doubt theire is much hope for Lucas as Mardar did a number on him.( although its exactly the way i have always seen him) Nonetheless it was pretty heavy handed in the way JS usually is written. GT hates him so I doubt he will even be a factor except to tie up some loose ends.

IMO the show is getting good again but they must interact all the characters and not just a few always in the same scenes together. Everyone has favorites and to not see them for months makes you lose interest.
I just hope it won't be the Nicole and Rafe show either as I detest both characters especially Nicole running around holding her belly and acting the victim. It's a sham .

AS's quote in this week's SOD speaking about the electric moment (still to come I think) with Safe was "There are still unresolved feelings with both men (Rafe and EJ) and I think there's a valid tension between all 3 of them. It's so confusing for Sami, but it's really good story."

So, doesn't that mean Safe is rearing it's "adorable" head? I would be shocked if they didn't go back to Mr and Mrs Hernandez at least for a while. She will be torn for sure..it will be interesting to see what happens.

Lucas will be right there too. He doesn't act like he will fight for Sami if he thinks she is well taken care of, and we know that is NOT with EJ. GT doesn't hate Bryan or Lucas as far as I or any else knows, right? Bryan has a huge following and it would be dumb not to capitalize on that. Ratings are all important now.

And there are a lot of people A LOT of people who like Ejole. Ari Zucker is very popular and she can sell any story and make any actor look good. It seems she has chemistry with every person on the show. She is a gem, and why wouldn't they feature her??

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