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From GH Critical List:

*Jax is back!

*Jax is concerned about Joss, and Carly.

*Johnny can feel the disapproval from Jax.

*Joe Jr. takes Tracy out to dinner.

*Jerry intends to poison the water supply.

*Luke is released from GH and goes after Anna.

*Olivia still has flashes of unreality..that are actually visions.

*Luke uses his Dr. Schimmelman persona to help Anna.

*Sonny and Kate are very happy together..Connie? Not so much.

*Trey convinces Kristina to elope to Las Vegas.

*Joe Jr. and Jerry begin their plan for destruction.

*Todd tells Kate she can have Crimson back.

*Michael thinks Kristina has been kidnapped by Trey.

*Ewens guilt has him ready to confess his role in Jerry's plan.

*Ewen is a liability to Jerry...and expendable.

*John tells Sonny that Joe was released with the help of an unknown associate.

*John tells Sonny he can do whatever he likes to Joe Jr.

*Kate is upset at Joes release.

*Sonny is sorry he didn't kill Joe Jr.

*Luke meets Todd, and has a sense of Deja Vu.

*Jax makes sure that Johnny knows that Carly and Jax are still married.

*Jason puts Spinelli on Ewens trail...

*Ewen realizes that he has set Liz in the path of destruction and she will be a victim.

*Ewen is worried about Jason, and his feelings for Liz.

*More people become suspicious of Ewen.

*Patrick senses that Ewen is hiding something.

*Jerry uses threats against Liz to keep Ewen in line.

*Ewen wants to make love to Elizabeth.

*John begins to piece together the truth about Heather.

*Jax' return is unexpected for Jerry..and messes with his plan.

*Sonny and Joe Jr. face off..Joe isn't going anywhere.

*Todd offers Carly a shoulder...

*Trey tells Starr that Sonny and Joe know each other.

*Starr is torn, and wants to reveal Treys secret.

*Starr goes to Johnny for advice.

*Todd wants to let Kate know that she did not shoot out Anthonys tires.

*Todd keeps the secret..for now.

*More past characters will be returning as the show heads into fall..and sweeps!
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