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Lante receive the results of the pregnancy test

They’ll make a big choice regarding their family

Dante worries about his mom

Luke & Anna passion

Luke becomes Dr. Schimmelman to help Anna

SKate are very happy. Connie isn’t

Sonny pulls a gun on Joe Jr...Joe isn't going anywhere

Joe takes Tracy out to dinner

He promises to protect her

Starr is torn wanting to reveal Trey’s secret

Starr goes to Johnny for advice

Trey wants the wedding on camera. How will Sonny react?

Kristina agrees to marry Trey in Vegas

Jax is concerned about Joss & Carly

Johnny & Jax confrontation over Carly!…

Jax is NOT pleased with CarJohn being 2gether & tells Johnny that Carly may be his girlfriend….but she's still his wife

Jax's return messes with Jerry’s plan

As E&E get closer, he almost reveals secret….but manages not to

Will E&E make love? Will Elizabeth regret it?

Ewen doesn't like Jason as Jason poisons Elizabeth 's mind against him
Jerry uses threats against Elizabeth to keep Ewen in line

Spin tells Jason that Ewen spent a lot of time in Alaska where both Jax bros spent a lot of time

Ewen realizes Elizabeth will be a victim

He is also a liability to Jerry...& expendable

Jax tries to warn people about Ewen

McBain begins to piece 2gether Heather’s truth

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