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A little bit of everything....

Source: DD

John tries to stop the mess Jerry has created but fails. Jerry injects him. Everyone else who falls ill does so becaus they ingest the toxin which Jerry has released thanks to Joe, Jr's help. Kelly's & The MetroCourt are where seven of the eight who get ill ingesting the toxin...the last being John who is injected.

Patrick realizes Ewen is tied to the outbreak. He also becomes ill and upon learning Maxie is also sick, asks Anna to take care of Emma.

Jason & Sam getting their divorce decree in the mail has been confirmed by one insider. However, the same insider admits those scenes haven't been taped yet...take this tidbit with a huge grain of salt. Another insider states divorce papers aren't even filed.

Carly learns of Johnny's secrets & dumps him leading to Johnny teaming up with Joe, Jr. & Tarly getting horizontal. RC loves Todd & Carly....lots of flirting & sex coming up. Johnny gets sick & he's the one who gets the worst of it.

Ewen sends Patrick a clue that Robin is alive but dies before he provides details. Patrick doesn't believe him although eventually he & Anna will swap info. Patrick figures out Robin is alive via a phone call.

Kate sashays down the aisle, but before she can say I do, the wedding is interrupted by someone surprising who announces Trey is Kate's son. Kate freaks out & turns into...someone. As the story unfolds, Joe actually did rape Kate but only because he's been having sex with 'Connie for months. There were two personalities before the "rape"...one was having consensual sex with Joe; the other...the one who loves Sonny wasn't.

Spinelli will use his cyber skills to expose Ewen. Alexis will knock boots with Shawn & soon. Thereafter Alexis runs into an old acquaintance.

Jason gets sick...but not severe. He has some symptoms but the headache & dizziness is what Patrick is concerned about & orders tests. Sam is quite concerned about Jason when he gets sick.

McBam - A couple of near misses coming as they work together to find out what is going on....trying to avert the Jerry mess. Jason is involved after he's well. Sam is used to working alongside Jason. McBain prefers for his women to be safe. Sam isn't searching for her baby with John. John eyes Sam's baby in Llanview with Tea; Sam isn't there. John goes to Llanview regarding Liam & his case. No McBam sex in September, October nor November.

Lante - Lulu is pregnant. Dante is going to hover & want Lulu home barefott on the couch. Lulu as other ideas.

Liz is in nurse mode during the toxin crisis. Ewen & Liz get closer. There's no Liason sex

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