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ABCD Plot Points updated 8/20

*As Trey and Krissy are about to get married, Michael and Starr go to Vegas to prevent it from happening.

*Port Charles is running out of time as Jerry reveals to everyone that he is still alive.

*Carly figures out that Jerry did what he did to Josslyn to save her.

*Todd informs Carly that he was tricked by Jerry.

*Jax tries to get in touch with the human side of Jerry.

*Jason begins to question how Robin and Jerry are connected.

*Spinelli informs Jason on what he has found on Ewen.

*Tracy and Joe Jr. spend time in bed - Without Tracy knowing he has a connection to Jerry Jacks

*Patrick begins to be more of a lab rat then a surgeon as he tries to come up an antidote for the poison Jerry unleashed.

*As Shawn faces death, he does his best to tell Alexis he loves her.

*Elizabeth is kidnapped by Ewen.

*John McBain may have just figured out a way to save everyone in Port Charles.

*The richest citizens of Port Charles come together.

*A surprise visitor comes to Tea Delgado.


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